BioPartner Programme

We provide practical assistance to internationalising UK Life Science companies.
Joining the BioPartner Programme gives you significant extra benefits including discounts for a number of major international events.

These benefits include:
  • Extended deadlines and 30 day payment terms
  • Reduced costs of attending, exhibiting, presenting - potentially up to £3,500 annually per delegate
  • Contacts and advice to assist your internationalisation - our virtual Rolodex is legendary
  • Reduced admin burden - drop us an email and we'll sort things out
  • Access to BioPartnerUK Online resource - news channels, messaging, quick event registration
  • Access to partner discount offers and member rates*
  • Savings and exclusive offers from our Preferred Suppliers**/***
  • Opportunities alerts through members bulletins and LinkedIn group
  • Your company promoted on a dedicated News page, Twitter, UK stands

How does it work?

  1. You pay an annual fee of £450 +VAT.
  2. Tell us which of our supported events you are interested in attending.
  3. Depending on the event, we will provide discount codes or register and pay on your behalf.
  4. Keep in touch and let us know what you need.

Our supported events are tagged on this page.

Table of Member Benefits

Bulk purchasing and preferred suppliers

Click here to download our Benefits Factsheet

*Discounts on attendance are available for 12 events managed by our Alliance partners.

**Discounts of at least 35% on hotel rooms, availability after the hotel is full, and VIP extras for hotels in London and the US, through our hotel partner, Club Quarters.

***BioPartner UK works with several companies to provide discounted travel, accommodation and business services. For more information on offers and savings available to BioPartner UK member please visit our Offers page.

By combining entry discounts through the year, you could save up to £3,500 per delegate whilst promoting your company at some of the world's most important exhibitions and conferences. AND say goodbye to bank charges. AND recoup your membership fee by staying in a Club Quarters hotel for just 3 nights.

Join the BioPartnership Programme

The BioPartner Programme is not just about discounts.
BPP members can access a range of extra benefits, including on-site assistance at key conferences, hotel and freight discounts and extended payment terms. Our strategic alliances with international organisations enable us to provide our members with extra promotional and networking opportunities when attending conferences abroad - including speaking slots.

UK Delegations
BioPartner Programme members save £50 on our UK Delegation management fee and register at Early Bird rates, paying nothing until 6 weeks before the conference. Click here to find out more - and join our next Delegation...

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?
Annual membership costs just £450+VAT per company

How is this different to a traditional membership scheme?
Any UK lifescience company on our mailing list is eligible for one of our discounts. The BioPartner Programme additionally entitles you to specially negotiated extra discounts plus a range of practical and administrative services that save you time and defer your costs. Our members are all UK-based, actively doing business overseas, and mostly small to medium R&D and CRO companies. You also gain extra international exposure by joining our UK Delegations at some of the larger conferences, through being part of a group, and through our contacts and partners overseas.

Join the BioPartnership Programme


BioPartner is an accredited trade organisation (ATO) subject to terms and conditions. Any claims to discounts, offers and invitations are subject to availability. Find out more about what we do by touring this website, or contact us - details below: