Contract Research Services in Integrated Drug Discovery and Custom Radiolabelling.

A leading worldwide provider of integrated drug discovery, medicinal chemistry and GMP certified 14C custom radiolabelling services, Selcia is a self-funded, profitable, private company with around 80 employees operating from state-of-the-art laboratories. SELCIA DISCOVERY offers integrated drug discovery services including screening biology, medicinal chemistry, ADME/PK and in vivo PK work

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News archive

10/06/2019   University of Sussex and Eurofins Discovery article published in ChemMedChem ...more

04/02/2019   Selcia Reports Excellent Progress drug discovery collaboration with Parkinson's UK...more

17/09/2018   Selcia, Cypralis and Gilead authors feature in The Journal of Medicinal Chemistry...more
13/08/2018   Selcia reaches key Parkinson's UK milestone...more
04/06/2018   Selcia Viewpoint Article in ACS MedChemLett: CRO and Pharma Collaborations...more
13/03/2018   Selcia collaborates with Cresset and Parkinson's UK to discover new drug candidates...more
25/01/2018   Selcia acquired by Eurofins Scientific...more
09/01/2018   Selcia discovered compounds licensed by Cypralis to Gilead...more

08/12/2017   Selcia’s Fragment Library successfully used to generate GPCR target hits...more
18/09/2017   Selcia spin-out Cypralis granted new Innovate UK award...more
16/03/2017   Selcia funded by MedCity for QMU collaboration under Collaborate to Innovate scheme...more
01/03/2017   Selcia Discovery scientists to support Cypralis Alzheimers’s project...more
10/02/2017   Selcia, Cypralis and Gilead Sciences publish in Journal of Medicinal Chemistry...more
23/01/2017   Selcia Discovery services assisted Cypralis Innovate UK Early Stage award...more
23/01/2017   Meet Selcia at several upcoming conferences...more
11/01/2017   Meet Selcia at several forthcoming conferences in 2017...more

11/08/2016   Selcia’s Fragment Library is now available via BioAscent Discovery’s “Compound Cloud”...more
25/05/2016   Selcia Opens New Dedicated 14C GMP API Facility...more
29/02/2016   Selcia Celebrates Anniversary of the Discovery of Carbon-14...more
25/01/2016   Selcia's Dr Hans Fliri Features in Drug Target Review...more

07/12/2015   Selcia spin-out Cypralis announces collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Innovation...more
30/11/2015   University of Edinburgh and Selcia Achieve Key Milestones targeting Sleeping Sickness...more
02/11/2015   Selcia will provide integrated drug discovery services to spin-out Cypralis...more
20/10/2015   Selcia constructs new 14C GMP API manufacturing suite ...more
07/10/2015   Selcia Chemists Co-author Poster on Anti-Infectives...more
24/09/2015   Selcia and UCL publish paper in Open Biology...more
10/09/2015   Selcia Publishes Prolyl Isomerase White Paper...more
30/06/2015   Selcia Renews French Research Tax Credit Accreditation...more
26/06/2015   Selcia joins the Safety Alliance, a network of selected high-quality CROs accross Europe....more
09/01/2015   Selcia Scientists Published in Nature...more

03/02/2014   University of Edinburgh and Selcia in bid to target sleeping sickness...more

25/11/2013   Selcia Celebrates Successful MHRA Inspection of its GMP Radiolabelling Facility...more
08/10/2013   Selcia Appoints New Director of Discovery...more
02/09/2013   Selcia and Cantab Announce Drug Discovery Collaboration ...more
13/06/2013   Selcia is attending the Anglonordic Biotech Conference...more
03/04/2013   Selcia in sp2-Magazine: Developing Drugs Targeting Peptidyl-Prolyl Isomerases ...more
07/01/2013   Selcia Achieves French R&D Tax Credit Accreditation...more

27/11/2012   Selcia introduces new Prolyl Isomerase screening service...more
30/10/2012   Selcia receives GLP re-certification from the MHRA...more
08/10/2012   Selcia Holdings and NeuroVive Announce development of three lead drug candidates...more
20/09/2012   Selcia Patents Drug Discovery Platform...more
30/07/2012   Selcia exploits in-house IP with demerger move...more
11/06/2012   Selcia celebrates twenty years of radiosynthesis...more
25/04/2012   Selcia feature in SP2 magazine...more
18/04/2012   Selcia and Heptares Therapeutics Announce New Fragment Screening Collaboration...more

24/11/2011   Selcia Doubles Capacity of 14C GMP Radiolabelled API Production for Human Studies ...more
19/09/2011   Selcia and NeuroVive to develop new medicines...more
29/09/2011   New Selcia Fragment Screening Posters...more
22/08/2011   New Biotech Laboratory Expands Selcia’s US Operation...more
31/05/2011   Simon Bury joins Selcia to expand drug discovery offering ...more

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