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Sareum is a drug discovery and development company, headquartered in Cambridge UK, that produces targeted small molecule therapeutics, focusing on cancer and autoimmune disease. Sareum aims to successfully deliver drug candidates for licensing to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies at the pre-clinical or early clinical trials stage.

Sareum operates an outsourced research model, working with collaborators (SRI International, the CRT Pioneer Fund and Hebei Medical University Biomedical Engineering Center) and a world-wide network of research providers. Its research pipeline includes two programmes undergoing pre-clinical IND-enabling studies.

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News archive

01/07/2021   Sareum announces encouraging top-line results from Covid-19 project...more

01/06/2021   Sareum announces £900,000 raised through subscription...more

23/04/2021   Sareum plc announces its half-year results and operational highlights...more

25/03/2021   Sareum Notes SRA737 Combination Data to be Presented at the AACR Annual Meeting ...more

16/02/2021   Sareum Notes New UK Government Covid-19 Initiative...more

07/01/2021   US Patent Formally Granted for Sareum‘s SDC-1802 TYK2/JAK1 Inhibitor...more

14/12/2020   Sareum:Nature Article Highlights Role of TYK2 in Covid-19 ...more

03/12/2020   Sareum Awarded Grant Funding for Covid-19 therapy research...more

12/11/2020   Sareum Issues Update on SRA737 Licensing Agreement...more

27/10/2020   Sareum Notification of Grant Award for Covid-19 Research...more

08/10/2020   US Patent Allowance for Sareum's SDC-1802 TYK2/JAK1 Inhibitor...more

24/07/2020   Encouraging Preclinical Results Generated with Sareum‘s TYK2/JAK1 Inhibitors...more

02/06/2020   Sareum announces successful £1m fundraising...more

27/05/2020   Sareum to Present at BIO Bigital 2020...more

28/04/2020   Sareum presents update on 2 proprietary TYK2/JAK1 kinase inhibitor programmes...more

26/03/2020   Sareum Reports Global Licensing of FLT3+Auroa Programme...more

24/03/2020   Sareum Reports New SRA737 Combinations in Cancer...more

30/10/2019   Sareum presents data highlighting SDC-1802 anti-tumour activity...more

27/09/2019   Sareum TYK2/JAK1 Inhibitor SDC-1802 Demonstrates Anti-tumour Activity...more

28/06/2019   Sareum Raises Additional Funds through Placing and Offer...more

27/06/2019   Sareum Notes Sierra Seeks Strategic Options for SRA737...more

16/05/2019   Sareum reports ASCO Abstracts for SRA737 Published...more

08/05/2019   Sareum notes Sierra Oncology Q1 2019 Results...more

23/04/2019   Sareum Announces SRA737 Phase I/IIa data to be presented at ASCO...more
02/04/2019   Sareum's Preclinical Data for SRA737 Presented at AACR 2019...more
04/03/2019   Sareum announces its half-yearly results...more
28/02/2019   Sareum reports Sierra Oncology SRA737 data to be presented at AACR...more
23/01/2019   Sareum reports SRA737 licence partner Sierra Oncology to Present on 30 January...more

30/11/2018   Sareum and Sierra Oncology report efficacy for SRA737 Combination...more
13/11/2018   Sareum appoints Michael Owen and Clive Birch as Non-Executive Directors...more
26/10/2018   Sareum Share Placing to raise £850,000 for TYK2/JAK1 programmes...more
01/10/2018   Sareum issues year end results with progress update...more
26/09/2018   Sareum selects SDC-1802 to progress into preclinical development...more
09/08/2018   Sareum notes Sierra Oncology has reported Q2 Results for SRA737...more
31/05/2018   Sareum regains worldwide rights to Aurora+FLT3 inhibitors...more
08/05/2018   Sareum reports Sierra Oncology SRA737 Phase 2 Trial Update...more
24/04/2018   Sareum Notes that Sierra Oncology will Present SRA737 Preclinical Activity at AACR 2018...more
15/03/2018   Sareum notes Sierra Oncology SRA737 abstract accepted for AACR 2018 Meeting...more
27/02/2018   Sareum reports expansion of Sierra Oncology SRA737 Programme...more
26/02/2018   Sareum reports Preclinical Synergy of SRA737 and PARP Inhibitor...more

19/12/2017   Patent Grants in Japan and China for Sareum's TYK2 Inhibitors...more
23/10/2017   Sareum issues final results and highlights for 2017 year end...more
19/06/2017   Sareum Presents at the International Cancer Cluster Showcase 2017...more
31/05/2017   Sareum notes Sierra Oncology announcement of patents for Chk1 inhibitor SRA737...more
10/04/2017   Sareum joins the BioPartner programme...more

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