Fusion Antibodies

Fusion Antibodies is a high quality European CRO that offers a range of fee-for-service, royalty free services covering all stages of preclinical therapeutic and diagnostic antibody development.We want to use our next generation CDRx Antibody Humanization Platform to partner with companies interested in developing high quality antibody leads.

We also offer a range of cell line development services and have the associated expertise and partners to deliver a high quality CHO cell line expression for your protein of interest from proof-of-concept to cGMP. Fusion Antibodies also specialize in high quality monoclonal antibodies (particularly those which are difficult to produce), Antibody Sequencing and other Antibody engineering project (scFv, F(ab), chimerics etc). We have the capacity to act as a 1-stop shop, guiding your project from discovery to validation to the clinic.

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News archive

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31/05/2019   Fusion Antibodies celebrates Antibody Humanization Milestone...more

18/02/2019   Fusion Antibodies announces unique Antibody Developability by Design platform (ADD™)...more
16/01/2019   Fusion Antibodies partner with ERADA on Malaria diagnostic...more

21/08/2018   Fusion Antibodies introduces new service: A.D.D.™ platform...more
11/07/2018   Fusion Antibodies' humanized JF5 antibody detects Aspergilus...more
05/06/2018   Fusion Antibodies announces partnership with Protein Alternatives of Spain...more
31/05/2018   Fusion Antibodies case study: biomarkers for bladder and colon cancer...more
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18/12/2017   Fusion Antibodies raises £5.5m on AIM...more
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02/11/2017   Meet Fusion Antibodies at PEGS Europe in Lisbon...more
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12/12/2016   Fusion Antibodies supported by Invest NI to double its workforce...more
13/10/2016   Fusion Antibodies and BizCom Japan Continue To Strengthen Ties...more
23/08/2016   Fusion Antibodies Welcomes Human Antibodies & Hybridoma Conference to Belfast...more
05/08/2016   Fusion Antibodies' Paul Kerr discusses Antibody Humanization with PharmaTV...more
16/06/2016   Fusion Antibodies announces cell line partnership with Swiss CDMO Celonic...more
25/05/2016   Fusion Antibodies Announces Second Collaboration with Aerpio Therapeutics...more
19/04/2016   Fusion Antibodies Announce In-Licensing of Anti-AM2R Monoclonal Antibody...more
31/03/2016   Fusion Antibodies and MAB Discovery Announce Project Collaboration...more
24/02/2016   Fusion Antibodies Awarded Crescent Capital Green Bar Award...more
29/01/2016   Fusion Antibodies Blog: Why is Antibody Humanization Still Important?...more

28/09/2015   Fusion Antibodies Fsn1006h Bispecific Antibody Awarded European Patent ...more
09/09/2015   Fusion Antibodies and Clarity Pharmaceuticals (Aus) sign exclusive licensing agreement...more
07/09/2015   Fusion Antibodies Blog: the history of antibodies...more
01/06/2015   Fusion Antibodies featured in EBR Magazine...more
05/02/2015   Fusion Antibodies shortlisted for Irish Times InterTradeIreland Innovation Award...more
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13/10/2014   Fusion Antibodies Develop Stable Cell Line for ISCA Diagnostics...more
08/10/2014   Fusion Antibodies and ISCA Diagnostics announce humanized Aspergillus MAb JF5...more
24/09/2014   Fusion Antibodies collaboration with Japan’s Chiome Bioscience...more
04/09/2014   Fusion Science:Monoclonal Antibodies Review...more
02/07/2014   Score with Fusion Antibodies...more
20/05/2014   Fusion Antibodies announces collaboration with regenerative medicine company Avipero...more
15/05/2014   Fusion Antibodies lead drug targets Pancreatic Cancer...more
25/03/2014   Fusion Antibodies: New pricing, new services, same quality...more
18/02/2014   Fusion Antibodies and Pepscan Announce Collaboration...more
30/01/2014   Fusion Antibodies announce F.A.A.S.T. Sequencing Service...more
13/01/2014   BizCom Japan and Fusion Antibodies Agree Distribution and Marketing Agreement...more

25/11/2013   Fusion Antibodies to develop technology services to support international research teams...more

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