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Albumedix is a science-driven, life-science company focused on enabling the creation of advanced therapies and biopharmaceuticals utilizing our high quality recombinant human albumin products and technologies. We believe in empowering excellence to enable advanced therapies and facilitate otherwise unstable drug candidates reach patients worldwide. We are proud to be recognized as the world leader in recombinant human albumin with products and technologies used in clinical and marketed drugs by pharmaceutical and medical device companies worldwide. Headquartered in Nottingham, England with more than 100 people all committed to improving patient quality of life. We are just as passionate about albumin and albumin-enabled therapies today as we were when we started more than 35 years ago.

Our vision is to empower excellence in how we as a business operate and create products and services of the highest quality; but also to enable our customers and partners to excel in the development of transformative therapies, and thereby support life sciences and patients equally. As an example, we are proud to be working with domestic, national and international life science companies in these challenging times towards the urgent response against covid-19 - be it diagnostically, therapeutically and prophylactically.

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News Archive

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